life in the body god gave me        
                         living with cerebral palsy                               
                    the life story of  neil h. tasker
                        by  wayne c. long
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the circumstances surrounding his birth and early childhood are set down as told to him by his father and mother. the difficulties he experienced as a victim of cerebral palsy, first as a young man and later as a mature adult, are based on his own narratives. all characters were at one time, or are still today, living men and women. in some cases their real names are given. in others they are not. conversations are not verbatim because of the lapse in time but they are structured to accurately reflect their meanings in the context given. names of towns and cities are correct, as are dates given.

this story is written so all who read it can appreciate the true meaning of living within one抯 abilities. these writings began in the early 1980抯 and although neil h. tasker lived a full life from 1910 to 1995, his story lives on as a symbol of hope and fulfillment. as you follow his life抯 journey you will understand the pain, joy, love and compassion felt by someone born with a handicap. when you have finished this story, whether you are catholic, protestant, or of any other conviction, you will find an awakening from within that will give you a new outlook on your faith, life, and dreams.

                                                         wayne c. long
                                                         endwell, ny
                                                         january 2008

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     life in the body god gave me 
 by  wayne c. long     email:


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